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We believe that all children are unique and should develop at their own pace. Children should not be pressured into achieving skills for which they are not developmentally ready. Play is an essential part of the learning process for children at this age. Children will learn to have an imagination, to show respect for others, have empathy for others, have a sense of self worth, interact with others, take turns, learn to share and cooperate through play.

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for the children to learn. We will build their activities to develop their language, social, emotional, fine, gross and cognitive skills. Our teachers provide a structured, warm, loving, caring, nurturing environment where children are listened to with undivided attention. We want our parents/guardians to feel comfortable leaving their children in our care. We have an open door policy; parents/guardians can drop in at anytime to visit with their child(ren). We encourage parent participation.