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I have been very fortunate to work with Kelly at the same childcare center for years. We were both Preschool lead teachers. Kelly is a loving caregiver and excellent teacher. She is extremely gentle and patient with children. She is a great support to parents and teachers. I have learned a lot from her she is a great mentor. Whether teacher or Director she takes great pride in her work with children and families. Kelly always provides a positive and safe learning environment. Families and staff are very lucky to be part of her center.


As a recent employee of Kelly Kacinski, I have to say she is the best director I have ever worked for. She was great with all the kids in the center, from the infants to the preschoolers. She is one of people the children get excited about, and ask for when they come to school. Kelly always has a great bond with all her teachers and she is someone that teachers go to for help. She is a wonderful employer and I would work with her again in a heartbeat.


I met Kelly in January 2009 – she was the Director of my daughter Chloe’s daycare and the first person outside my family I left Chloe with after I went back to work. From the first moment I met Kelly, she was warm, professional, and knowledgeable. She put my husband Joe and I at ease, answered all of our questions, and made us feel comfortable making one of the most important decisions a parent ever has to make – who to hire to help you care for your child. Even though Chloe is now 4, we still have lots of questions about her development. Whenever Joe or I have a question or concern, we know we can talk to Kelly about it and she always responds in friendly, non-judgmental manner. Even though Kelly is an expert in child development and has probably answered the same questions literally hundreds of times, the way she talks to me just makes me feel like she is a trusted friend giving good advice. Kelly is one of the most important people in my little girl’s life and someone my husband Joe and I trust to help us raise our child.


Kelly is the best!! I can tell you she still has the heart and soul of the profession within her.


Kelly is able to inspire everyone that comes in contact with her. She shows a tremendous amount of commitment and dedication to her families, staff and her students.