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Questions To Ask

Finding a quality childcare for your child is an important choice for a parent. Below is a
list of questions to ask when looking for a quality childcare program.


Do you have a license and where is it located?
What are the hours of the program?
What is the tuition? Do I still have to pay if my child is sick, on vacation or there is a holiday?
What holidays are you closed?
Do you have references that I may call?
What is the sick policy?
What snacks are provided? Is there a menu?
Are parents allowed to visit at anytime?
Are there any special activities or programs?
What is the schools policy on diapering and toileting?


Is the entrance a secure entrance?
What happens if there is an emergency?
What are the security policies?
What happens if my child gets hurt?
Are there restrictions in picking up or dropping off my child?
How do you reduce the spread of germs?
What happens if my child needs to have medication?


Do teachers have a background check?
How do the teachers interact with the children?
Do teachers have CPR and First Aid trainings?
Do the teachers attend trainings?
How do the teachers handle children who are having difficulty?
What happens if a child doesn’t nap?
What happens if a teacher is out?


What does the curriculum consist of?
How do the teachers challenge the children?
Are there parent/teacher conferences to discuss children’s development?
Are the children happily and busily engaged in a variety of activities?
Is there daily communication about my child’s day?
Is the children’s learning documented?
What is the children’s daily routine?